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[Solved] What is cholesterol esterase ?

is it a lipid or an enzyme that hydrolyze lipids in the small intestine or both ?

[Solved] Help with ORGANIC CHEMISTRY?

Say we get this question

Draw the cis and trams isomers for 2- pentene

How would we do this

[Solved] Describe what is happening during the reaction?

Cu_2CO_3(OH)_2 + 2H_2SO_4 ---> 2CuSO_4 + 3H_2O + CO_2

CuSO_4 + Fe ---> Cu + FeSO_4

Appreciate some help here...

[Solved] Write the dissociation reaction b/w C6H5NH3 and H2O?

Also can you explain how you determine which hydrogen to pull out?

[Solved] How to find the volume of methane at STP?

What volume at STP will be occupied by
0.00190 mol of methane (CH4)?
Answer in units of mL

[Solved] How can I find the molar mass of a gas?

What is the molar mass of a gas if 0.465 g
of the gas occupies a volume of 157 mL at
33.0â—¦C and 1.86 atm?
Answer in units of g/mol

[Solved] Conversion of ml to mg?

How many mg does 0.763 ml =

[Solved] A reaction mixture that consisted of 0.45 mol H2 and 1.5 mol I2 was introduced into a 4 L flask and heated?

A reaction mixture that consisted of 0.45 mol
H2 and 1.5 mol I2 was introduced into a 4 L
flask and heated. At the equilibrium, 65% of
the hydrogen gas had reacted. What is the
equilibrium constant Kc for the reaction
H2(g) + I2(g) ⇀↽ 2 HI(g)
at this temperature?

Please explain, I'm lost

[Solved] Half life of plutonium 239 problem?

Even though Plutonium-239 is one of the main fission fuels, it is still a radiation hazard in spent Uranium fuel in nuclear power plants. How many years does it take for 55% of the Plutonium-239 to decay? The half-life of Plutonium-239 is 24,100 years.

And could you explain it please?

Thank you! :)

[Solved] Chemistry Review Help Please?

11. Mass in grams of .452 mole of C6H12O6?
12.Calculate mass in kilograms of .681 mole of ammonia gas, NH3
13.Number of potassium ions in 3.05 mole of K+
14.Amount of molecules in 39 grams of Fe2S3
15.Calculate the mass in grams of 2.23 moles of nitrogen molecules
16.Amount of atoms in 6.4 grams of copper
17.Chnge 53.1 g of HBr to moles
18.How many atoms of gold in 10 grams 19. Amount of water molecules in 36 grams
20.How many moles of atoms aluminum hydroxide is 39 g
21.How many moles of atoms are in 111.8 g iron
22.Number of g of water would contain 2.5 moles of molecules
23.How many moles of atoms are in 1 mole of methane molecules
24.The mass of .75 mol of calcium sulfate 25.How many g of gold would contain .25 moles of atoms
26.How many moles of sodium nitrate in 43.6 g
27.Change .638 moles of Ce2(CO3)3 to grams
28.Change 4.06 mols of SiH4 to molecules
29.Change 6.63 * 10^23 formula units of Mg(CH3COO)2 to grams
30.Change 91.9 g of Ag2Te to formula units

[Solved] How can you find the density of a gas?

The density of a gas was found to be 5.0 g/L
at 0.600 atm and 40.0â—¦C. What is the molar
mass of the gas?
Answer in units of g/mol

What is the density of a sample of ammonia
gas (NH3) if the pressure is 1.44 atm and the
temperature is 45.1â—¦C?
Answer in units of g/L

[Solved] URGENT : why dont we ever get a 100% yield in fractional distillation ?

In the lab, our experimental yield was 75%. We were preparing cyclohexene from dehydration of cyclohexanol. i know we cant ever get a 100% yield. what are some of the reasons for this?

[Solved] What are the ANSWERS to these 5 chemistry problems?

I need the answers to these problems. I do not need the work/formulas, just the answer. Thanks!

1. A gas occupies 12.2 L at standard temperature. What is its volume at 389.7 °C?

2. 41.2 ml of air is at 29.6 °C. What is its volume at 50.7 °C?

3. If a gas at 25 °C occupies 3.5 L at a pressure of 0.78 atm, what would be the volume if the pressure is increased to 2.38 atm?

4. A gas has a pressure of 0.470 atm at 69.9 °C. What is its pressure at standard temperature?

5. Oxygen gas is contained in a 30.0 L tank at a pressure of 4.44 atm. The tank is connected by tubing to a second empty tank with a volume of 38.0 L. Once the valve is opened, some oxygen gas flows from the first tank into the second tank until the gas occupies a new volume comprised by both tanks. The temperature remains unchanged. Determine the final pressure of the system of two tanks.

[Solved] Given the heat of neutralization of HCl with NaOH= -57.3 kJ, calculate the amount of heat released when 250.0?

mL of 0.100 M NaOH is completely neutralized by HCl

can you please show me how to solve this problem? 10 points

Given the heat of neutralization of HCl with NaOH= -57.3 kJ, calculate the amount of heat released when 250.0 mL of 0.100 M NaOH is completely neutralized by HCl

can you please show me how to solve this problem? 10 points

[Solved] How could you prepare the following solutions?

a) 5 liters of 0.1 M NaH2PO4 from solid NaH2PO4.H2O

b)0.2 liters of 0.3% MgCL2 (w/v) from solid MgCL2

[Solved] How would you use sodium carbonate and copper chloride to produce a pure, dry sample of copper carbonate?

1e) Copper carbonate is an insoluble salt

Describe how you would use sodium carbonate and copper chloride to produce a pure, dry sample of copper carbonate.

thanks :)

[Solved] Hello, can someone help me with this chem prob?

What is the pH of a solution that is 0.00250M CH3NH2 (aq)? Kb for methylamine, CH3NH2 is 4.2x10^-4.

[Solved] Can you tell the difference by eyesight of a compound and a homogeneous mixture?

I'm getting a bit confused when classifying matter between compounds and homogeneous mixtures.

I understand that the difference between the two is that compounds are CHEMICALLY bonded molecules, while mixtures are PHYSICALLY bonded substances.

Yet thinking about it, it's difficult for me to say (without looking online or experimenting with a microscope) if metal alloys are a mixture. In my mind, the bronze vase I have in my living room seems chemically uniform. I can't tell the copper apart from the tin. It looks like a pure substance; a compound.

However, I search online and I find out metal alloys are (homogeneous, most of the time) mixtures. How can you know that? Is trying to separate or alter the substance/s the only way to come up with that answer? Or am I overlooking something important, and the whole issue can be resolved rationally?

[Solved] Why do covalent bonds vibrate?!?!?!?

i want to know why do the bonds NORMALLY vibrate/stretch, I've been looking for a answer for so long but all the sources go straight in to light ( energy) absorption rather than the initial reason as to why they normally vibrate.

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